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How Costly Are HAI’s?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates 1.7 million HAIs occur in the United States annually, directly costing the economy between $28.4 and $45 billion each year. The CDC also puts the average hospital cost attributable to an HAI between $16,359 and $25,903 each. HAIs cost individual patients roughly $1,100 per admission. 9.4% of total inpatient costs are HAI-related. More than 69% of HAIs affect people with Medicare or Medicaid. If an HAI is contracted, the length of hospital stay increases by 17.6 days, bringing the average stay from five days to 22 days.

Are Some HAI’s More Common Than Others?

The five most common, preventable and well-tracked infections cost the nation $9.8 billion and affect more than 441,000 patients on an annual basis. These include central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI), ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), surgical site infections (SSI), C. difficile infections (CDI) and catheter-associated UTI (CAUTI).

How Many HAI’s Occur?

A typical hospital in the U.S. experiences an average of 129 HAIs per year. That typical hospital has HAI expenses of $2,110,311 to $3,341,487.

How Much Does Manual Cleaning Cost?

Assuming sanitizing wipes are used correctly, the average hospital spends nearly $1,200 a year to clean a keyboard. This includes labor and the cost of wipes. Not only do wipes add up over time, but they are also not very effective. Most cleaning wipe manufacturers specify that the surface to be disinfected must remain wet with the solution for two to 10 minutes to properly disinfect a surface. This typically requires three wipes for a keyboard and mouse set. How many people do you know who actually do that? We don’t either. Even if they did every single time, the process is time-consuming, nooks and crannies can easily be missed and it’s a hassle.

How Much Could the Vioguard Defender Save?

Taking into account the cost of manual cleaning, as well as the average annual expenses of HAIs, the data indicates that the use of Defenders could save the average hospital between $369,750 and $414,470 per year. Want to know how we came to those numbers? Click here.

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