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What Sets Vioguard Apart?

The Defender, Vioguard’s proprietary self-sanitizing UV-C keyboard is the only FDA-cleared ultraviolet solution for surface sanitation on the market that requires no human intervention. The Defender automatically sanitizes between uses, killing 99.99% of harmful microorganisms within seconds using green, safe UV-C technology. The Vioguard Cubby is built with an option for users to place their own devices inside its drawer mechanism.

What Are the Benefits of Vioguard’s Technology?

The Vioguard products eliminate the need for manual disinfection and the disposal of bio-hazard waste. UV-C light is the only thing that effectively kills antibiotic resistant pathogens. Efficacy testing of Vioguard Model UVKB-50 R1.1 by an independent, accredited laboratory has proven the technology to be effective with up to 99.99% accuracy.

Do the Vioguard Products Integrate Into Workstations?

Both the Defender and the Cubby seamlessly integrate into any work station. This includes but is not limited to medical carts, desks and wall-mounted computer systems. Each product can also be custom-configured. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our talented group of engineers who can configure Vioguard products to just about anything.

Is The Vioguard Technology Patented?

The robust patent portfolio secures Vioguard’s market footprint with 16 patents and two patents pending. Vioguard technology reduces the viability of new entrants into spaces and provides a runway for a comprehensive product pipeline and continuous research and development initiatives. Patents cover a wide-range of products and use cases including a keyboard/track pad, tablets, pens/pencils, stationary telephones, waste cans and touchscreens among others. European Union patent and International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications are also pending.

How Does The Vioguard Technology Work?

Vioguard uses UV-C in the 253.7nm band to disinfect and sanitize surfaces in an average of 90 seconds. The Defender contains an internal keyboard and track pad that ejects at the wave of a hand. The Cubby is a drawer-like device and can sanitize anything that is placed on its retractable tray. Read more about UV-C light here.

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