More than clean. Sanitized.

Ultraviolet products for your protection. Stop the spread at its source.
Introducing The All-New Cubby+

The Vioguard Solution

Our mission is to save lives by combating the spread of infectious disease.

Research and Results

The Defender™ is the first and only FDA-cleared UV-C medical device.


Download whitepapers, reports and resources about Vioguard and about reducing Hospital-Acquired infections in your facility.

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How to Safely Reopen • Retail & Restaurants

How to Safely Reopen • Retail & Restaurants

COVID-19 has impacted every industry, especially restaurants and retail stores. In March, 44% of U.S. restaurants were temporarily closed and the sales rate for retail and foodservice declined 8.7%, the steepest since it began being tracked in 1992. Now, as lockdowns...

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