93% of Young People Admit to Using Their Phones on the Toilet According to New Survey

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Vioguard, a Leader in UV-C Technology, Highlights Consumer’s Filthy Phones and Lack of Cleaning Habits

BOTHELL, Wash., June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Vioguard, Inc., released a consumer survey report showing cell phone usage and lack of proper sanitization could lead to higher transfer of bacteria and viruses. The leader in UV-C technology conducted a survey with over 1,100 respondents to better understand the utilization and cleaning habits of cell phone users and their attitudes towards the transfer of bacteria via contact with their cell phones.

Key findings from the survey:

  • A strong majority of the respondents (73%) admitted to using their phone on the toilet or standing at the urinal regardless of age or gender
  • Younger people (ages 18-29) admitted to using their phones on the toilet 93% of the time regardless of gender
  • One out of three people surveyed admitted to never cleaning their phones and 75% admitted to cleaning them less than once per day
  • Of those that did clean their phones, less than half used a chemical wipe product. Others admitted to using a cloth or even their shirtsleeve or pant-leg
  • Over 87% of respondents agree that airborne viruses and bacteria stay alive after landing on surfaces
  • An overwhelming percentage (almost 90%) of customers agree that you can become infected by touching dirty surfaces such as your cell phone

“The results of this survey clearly show that consumers admit that their phones are dirty and that they can become ill by their dirty phones but are taking few if any necessary precautions to effectively disinfect their phones and overlooking the potential dangers behind their lack of cleanliness,” says Mark Beeston, Vice President of Sales, Vioguard. “We believe that educating the population about phone cleanliness and effective ways to clean them at a microbial level, such as UV-light, is integral to minimizing bacterial and viral transmission and keeping phone users and those around them safe.”

Between May 19 and May 21, 2021, Vioguard surveyed consumers in the United States with the purpose of exposing consumers’ cell phone cleaning habits or as we see lack thereof. All results are from the perspective of the consumer. The survey represents consumers across various ages, genders, incomes, and U.S. regions.

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93% of Young People Admit to Using Their Phones on the Toilet According to New Survey

This article originally appeared on PR Newswire

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