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Even though we are in a pandemic, businesses must still hire for open roles.  While pay and benefits are still important to candidates, in our COVID world, how you ensure your workplace is a safe and healthy environment now takes on greater significance for potential new hires.  Follow these steps to ensure that you attract the best and the brightest and set yourself apart from the competition for talent.


Your COVID response plan. Be prepared to share the steps you have taken to mitigate COVID exposure in your workplace. Include communication from leaders, daily disinfection routines and guidelines for social distancing. A potential new hire will want to know this information and savvy candidates will be evaluating you just as much as you will be evaluating them. 

Utilize videoconferencing for interviews to the extent possible. Candidates are used to this and will appreciate the opportunity to interact with the hiring team in a safe manner.  Make sure you have worked out your technical issues ahead of time and ensure your teams have the resources available to them to present a positive experience just as you would an in-person interview. This step will also give you good insight into how prepared and professional your candidate is.



Save in-person meetings for the final interview. When scheduling the in-person interview, be sure to let your candidate know what the protocol will be on-site. Will they be required to wear a mask? Ask them how comfortable they are with in-person contact and let them decide what feels safe for them – elbow bumps, no contact, etc. Communicate their preference to the interview participants so there are no awkward moments, and everyone is on the same page in terms of physical interaction.  This care and concern will translate to a positive and non-judgmental experience for your potential team member.

Interview kits. Consider putting together an “interview kit” or gift bag that includes hand sanitizer, a mask, a bottle of water and other fun and branded items such as pens, paper, etc.  When they arrive, they will appreciate the special touch. If you have equipment such as a Cubby Plus UV Sanitizer, have them disinfect their phone, keys and other items upon arrival – this small step will make a big impact on how seriously you take the health and safety of not only them, but your workforce as a whole. Allow them to disinfect it on the way out too.

If you follow the above steps, you are sure to present a caring and supportive atmosphere and set yourself apart as an employer of choice!  Remember, candidates are interviewing you too – make sure you put your best foot forward.


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Increases in Hospital Infections Sparks National Action

Increases in Hospital Infections Sparks National Action

About 1/25 patients on any day have an HAI, equaling the population the size of Atlanta becoming infected every year.BY SYDNEY BROOKS A study published in the Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology found that healthcare-associated infections increased in 2020....

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