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Meet the Cubby Plus UVC Sanitizer

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Vioguard Cubby Plus



Avoid reinfecting your hands after washing them with the Vioguard Cubby Plus UV-C Sanitizing Chamber. Lamps on the top and bottom of the chamber emit germicidal ultraviolet light, ensuring 360 degrees of sanitization. It’s fast, effective, and it helps reduce landfill waste. Contact us today to learn more.


Dimensions: W 21”, D 12”. H 4”

Weight: 22.3lb

Capacity: W 18.9”, D 9.9”,  H 1.8”

Maximum Item Height: 1.8”

Shelf Extension: 6.0”

AC Input: 100-277 VAC 50/60Hz

Top Power Consumption: 90W

Quick Clean Cycle: Appx. 15 Sec.

Deep Clean Cycle: Appx. 60 Sec.

EPA Est. Number: 99547-WA-1

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