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We were so impressed by a recent article written by Marc Harrison, President and CEO at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City, Utah. In it, Harrison discusses five key questions Intermountain asks themselves on a daily basis, the first of which is “Are our patients getting safer, higher quality care?”

Harrison explained that patients’ stories about their healthcare experiences aren’t always flattering. However he welcomes their candid criticism so Intermountain can learn how they can improve.

“Often the source of much of their disappointment rests in social problems we didn’t create, but can help solve,” Harrison wrote.

According to the article, Intermountain has had steady improvement with safety measures and quality, even while undertaking a complete redesign of their structure. These changes are being made proactively, in anticipation of the future.

“We’re taking advantage of new technologies and knowledge to structure ourselves to deliver safe, consistent , extraordinary care at an affordable cost to every patient wherever, whenever and however they interact with us,” Harrison wrote.

At Vioguard, we love seeing healthcare organizations embrace the future and new technology into their systems. Not just because that’s what we’re about, but because it means they are forward-thinking and adapting to changes that are happening all around us. A big thumbs up to Intermountain Healthcare for being a leader in this effort.

Read the full article.

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