The 2018 flu season might be over, but watch out for round 2

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The 2018 flu season may have come to a close, but don’t relax with your hand hygiene and other precautions just yet. A different strain of the virus, influenza B has overtaken influenza A, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The second strain usually crop up late in the flu season and tend to target young children.

If you have already gotten the flu this year, it is still possible to get the second strain during the same season. Additionally, your flu shot may or may not help against the second influenza B. However, if you haven’t gotten a flu shot yet, you still can. In fact, the CDC recommends vaccinations as long as the flu (A or B) is still circulating. As of now, there are still at least 17 states with widespread flu activity.

So how do you avoid getting this second strain if you haven’t already? Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. Take a daily vitamin, avoid close interactions with people who are sick, get a flu shot (if you haven’t already) and sanitize your handheld devices regularly.

The second strain of the flu has been shown to target young children.

Increases in Hospital Infections Sparks National Action

Increases in Hospital Infections Sparks National Action

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Vioguard Cubby Plus UV-C Disinfecting Chamber

Vioguard Cubby Plus UV-C Disinfecting Chamber

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Club & Resort Business – Cubby Plus

Club & Resort Business – Cubby Plus

Features:• Vioguard is the industry leader in ultraviolet light disinfecting solutions for business use• People touch their phones roughly 2,600 times a day and 40-60% of viruses and bacteria transfer on contact – An average phone carries more viruses and bacteria...

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