What Is A Primary Solution?

The Vioguard products are designed to be primary solutions, meaning they eliminate problems at the source. Both the Defender and the Cubby kill pathogens that land on the surface, eliminating cross-contamination there. What does that mean? It means you don’t have to clean it. That’s right. We just told you that you don’t have to clean your shared keyboard or handheld devices. Say goodbye to that trash can full of wipes. On the other hand, UV-C room sanitizers, are secondary solutions. This means prior to use, all surfaces must be doused with chemical cleaners. Think of the robots as a just-in-case-the-wipes-didn’t-get-everything type of product.

What Is the Benefit Of A Primary Solution?

Products designed to be primary solutions provide countless benefits to end users. Let’s take the Defender™ for example. Whenever you run the keyboard through a sanitization cycle, you can be confident it comes out bacteria-free. Every. Single. Time. Just imagine a world where every time you use a shared keyboard at work you can have the peace of mind that you are not picking up every germ left behind by Cindy, Gary, Jane, Toby…you get the idea. Pretty cool, right?

What About Visible Things Landing On the Surface?

We are glad you asked. If Gary slops a bit of mustard on the tray or keyboard, we are not saying the UV-C light will make that splat magically disappear. If you figure out a way to disintegrate mustard without damaging your devices let us know. But guess what? Any germs on the surface of that mustard have been eradicated. That is the cleanest mustard you have ever laid eyes on. That being said, splats of mustard are not very aesthetically pleasing. The keyboard and tray surfaces are totally wipeable. See the User Manuals for recommended chemicals.

What Does this Mean for Usability?

Users don’t have to interrupt their work day with constant keyboard or device wipedown sessions. Did you know there are studies that have shown shared devices to be just as dirty at the beginning of the day as the end? Ew. Our goal with the Defender™ and Cubby was to create devices that integrate easily into your work day, not add tasks to it.

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