Top 10 grossest items you touch every day

Cell Phones

You take it to work, to the store, to the park, to the airport and dare we say…the bathroom? Want to know something really nasty? Scientists at the University of Arizona have found that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats! Yuck!


Your hands collect all kinds of germs. And what do you use on your keyboard? Your hands. Not to mention it is nearly impossible to get into all those cracks and crevices. And those quirky keys don’t get along very well with liquid chemicals.

Credit Cards

Pay with plastic? Those grocery store keypads are wicked nasty. And what do you touch before and after punching those buttons? You guessed it–your trusty credit card. Ick.


Similar to your phone, your tablet goes a lot of places with you. And it is no stranger to those dirty fingers. Ever let your kids play games on your device? Where have their hands been? Maybe you don’t want to answer that…

Fitness Trackers & Wrist Watches

Whether it’s the latest Fitbit or a glossy new Apple watch, your wrist wear holds onto some serious germs. You probably don’t realize how many surfaces your wrist touches throughout the day. And again, electronics and liquid disinfectants don’t get along well.

Remote Controls

Click, click, click. Crunch, crunch, crunch. You change the channel then go for a handful of chips. Maybe think twice about that next time.


Money, money, money. Not so funny. How many times have you purchased a snack with cash and then popped that snack into your mouth? Well, if you take a minute to ponder how many people have touched those bills and coins you might consider washing your hands first next time.


Did you know, every time you flush the toilet, fecal bacteria can make its way several feet? Eek. That means, if you keep your toothbrush on your bathroom counter you might be brushing your teeth with a little more than you bargained for.


Every time you cut anything on a cutting board (wooden ones are the worst culprits) it shoves bacteria into the crevices, making it difficult for dishwashers and scrub brushes to disinfect thoroughly.

Kitchen Sponges

You probably saw this one coming. Nothing says bacteria like a wet, spongy…well, sponge.
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