Vioguard Doubles Salesforce and Expands U.S. Territories

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Vioguard, home of the Defender, the only self-sanitizing UV keyboard, has some exciting changes and growth taking place to its sales team. There are now sales reps in eight U.S. territories, and the team overall has doubled. The changes began at the beginning of the year and according to Mark Beeston, the Director of Sales and Marketing, they brought about a new energy to his team. “Early on we saw a great amount of excitement about the value proposition of the Defender™ keyboard,” Beeston said. “By growing our team and number of territories, we can penetrate hospital markets and integrate our technology into key hospital systems. This will ultimately provide exceptional safety and prevention against Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) within the patient and healthcare worker populations.”

Vioguard account managers meet with hospitals to demo the keyboard.
The territories were divided using hospital count data per geographical area to provide a balanced territory size for account managers. Beeston said the need for a larger salesforce came about because of the unique profile the device plays in the healthcare infection control market. “By providing adequate coverage throughout the country, we can better stress its importance in preventing HAIs and costly readmissions in hospitals,” Beeston said. “There is nothing else out there like the Vioguard keyboard and having enough account managers to be able to communicate its unique nature with hospitals is essential to reaching interested parties on a personal level.” Beeston said his team members are innovative and constantly come up with patient and healthcare-centric solutions. They have confidence and enthusiasm for the product. “As the Vioguard keyboard gets implemented to more and more hospitals, I envision a world where HCAP scores improve, readmission rates decline and where hospitals can provide safer, cleaner environments for their patients,” Beeston said. Many of the Vioguard sales team members have close friends or family members who have been affected by HAIs. According to Beeston, that bolsters their passion for the keyboard even more. “My goal is to maintain a team who create solution-oriented, collaborative partnerships and have high integrity,” Beeston said. “They are passionate about the elimination of HAIs on a personal level, not just professional. We take it personally.”
Increases in Hospital Infections Sparks National Action

Increases in Hospital Infections Sparks National Action

About 1/25 patients on any day have an HAI, equaling the population the size of Atlanta becoming infected every year.BY SYDNEY BROOKS A study published in the Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology found that healthcare-associated infections increased in 2020....

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