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Vision Monday – Viogard’s Cubby Plus Safely Disinfects Eyeglasses

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Product: Cubby Plus

Top Line: Vioguard, a leading supplier of ultraviolet light disinfecting solutions, is now offering Cubby Plus, the first and only FDA-cleared UV-C medical device, for sale to optical retailers and eyecare practices.

Close Up: With the Cubby Plus, simply lay items on the transparent shelf and let bacteria-blasting UV-C light get to work. The UV-C light, which is emitted from all directions, kills greater than 99.99 percent of even the most problematic Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) in under 60 seconds at the molecular level, according to Viogard. Patented dosimeter technology measures the UV-C level to ensure delivery of the precise amount of light required to destroy infectious agents. Effectiveness is guaranteed by the patented dosimeter technology, the same underlying engineering technology as the Vioguard Defender. Cubby Plus can also sanitize small items such as cell phones, keys, pens and name badges.

Vital Stats: Vioguard conducted a case study using their Cubby Plus sanitation chamber to see if its UV-C light technology effectively cleans eyeglasses without damaging the lenses. The study found that of all the eyeglasses tested, 95 percent had high levels of bacteria present, which is transferred from one’s hands when touching or trying on the glasses in a retail store. The case study concluded that Vioguard’s Cubby Plus is a safe and efficient sanitizing solution for frames and lenses.

Club & Resort Business – Cubby Plus

Club & Resort Business – Cubby Plus

Features:• Vioguard is the industry leader in ultraviolet light disinfecting solutions for business use• People touch their phones roughly 2,600 times a day and 40-60% of viruses and bacteria transfer on contact – An average phone carries more viruses and bacteria...

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Best Practices for Recruiting During COVID

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Getting Answers: efficacy and safety of UV-C disinfecting products

Getting Answers: efficacy and safety of UV-C disinfecting products

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