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One-Year Limited Warranty

Vioguard warrants its products are for a period of one year after purchase, free from defects in material and workmanship and in material compliance with Vioguard’s then current specifications, documentation and published materials. This limited warranty is given only to the original purchaser of the product and this warranty does not cover, and Vioguard will have no obligation or liability for any cosmetic defects, problems or malfunctions not caused by the manufacturer, including (but not limited to) issues arising from a power surge, misuse (including outdoor use), abuse, negligence, accidents, wear and tear, mishandling, misapplication, operation in a manner contrary to the documentation provided with the product, operation on incorrect power supplies, third party products, modification, alteration, improper servicing or tampering. This warranty does not cover wear from the use of disinfection lamps in the product. In addition, this limited warranty will not apply for any product that is opened, disassembled, or modified in any way, this includes defacing, altering, or removing any serial number. Lastly, any shipment by the original purchaser after receipt of the product from Vioguard voids this limited warranty.

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